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▼ An Enemy of human   [RES]
  xyz   ..2016/05/06(Fri) 09:44  No.779
  World everybody, good evening. An Enemy of the human of the human who did a stolker act to you using an illegal electric wave became clear at last.
It was the revenge by the relative of the woman who a stone was hurled at mr.kikuchi in 1978, and injured a face.

The daughter of the criminal graduates from Kansei Elementary School in Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi japan city in 1980 or 1981
There is not a woman graduating from this elementary school in a Japanese family living next to you or should confirm it right now
Finally I add it, but Japan of the pacifism that is a defeated nation cannot  a word of such a thing. Excuse me, a superpower does it.

▼ Free community   [RES]
  sayako    ..2016/03/19(Sat) 19:56  No.778
Meet a nice Japanese.
E-mail address and the name is peace of mind in the private.

free for ladies/women
Special point gift for gentlemen/men

▼ アジア人も登録中のコミュニティ   [RES]
  sayako    ..2016/03/14(Mon) 12:39  No.777





★★ 無料登録&お試しポイントプレゼント中 ★★

▼ Welcome to Ichihara Project   [RES]
  Kant Koga     ..2015/08/26(Wed) 09:56  No.776
Dear all,

My name is Kant Koga, who is the president of the Ichihara Olympic Preparation Committee. We have held three seminars with foreign guests since its official foundation last year. We are now seeking for a foreign guest who can introduce your country and culture as well as talking about your experience in Japan. The seminar location is Ichihara, Chiba. It takes 90 mins from Central Tokyo. You can get full payment for your transport and dinner with our audience.

If you are interested in joining it as a guest, please contact me on email.

Kant Koga

▼ I am looking for tutor   [RES]
  tida   ..2015/06/04(Thu) 08:36  No.775
I am looking for a person let me teach about MWS amazon marketplace web service.I use this and want to insert xml to excel.And to make sure to get products detail from Jan or asin code.If you would teach me this I can pay 30 dollars when all finish.
I hope teach me skype.

▼ June, 6 small mixer of English conversation in Esaka, Osaka!   [RES]
  Yuna     ..2015/05/23(Sat) 01:18  No.774
  June, 6 small mixer of English conversation in Esaka, Osaka!

We’ll hold a mixer to talk in English. During this mixer, there is a show. The show is consisted of Japanese Syowa era’s songs, dancing, and contes.
Japanese people and international people join this party. If you are interested in about this, please contact with me. E-mail: yunayona0607@gmail.com

▼ I wanna be a friend with many people.   [RES]
  Ryo    ..2015/03/07(Sat) 21:42  No.773
I am Japanese gentle man.
I can speak English a little.
So I wanna take a Int'l communication and use English.
Of course also want to know each cultures.
So please send me a message!


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